We really appreciate you, for your alignment to this point. We would like to welcome you to our family and this new way of living, we are global beings, making the globe our home. From here we are going to ask you some questions to see where we align with each other, because we know how important this is when sharing physical space and experiences. If we don't align right now, we are opening many more "Colonies" (Sets of "Hives" - Homes & Hubs) in the near future. Stick around, as soon we will be supporting you and others to launch their own global Thriving Communities with people like you. So keep checking in - the Thrive Hive Tribe!
Hello. What does your “Tribe” (Friends, family, team) call you?

We would love to know about you and your Tribe (that will be joining you)? (Please add links to social profiles, websites, projects) - and/or a brief description.

As you browse our website, what appeals most to you and your Tribe?

What is your Tribes life philosophy? - This can be in the form of a quote or a brief summary, let it flow!

What does the extension of yourself look like right now? (Business, Projects, Companies, Brands)

What does your ideal work/leisure day look like?

What was the last book you read? - What inspired and aligned with you the most?

What is your intention whilst being a part of the Thrive Hive?

During your stay, what will you be focusing on? (This can be personal or business)

How do you foresee the "Thrive Hive" and it's residency, supporting you and your Tribe?

What seasons do you see yourself and your Tribe joining us for?

What has been the most resistance to living as a Global Citizen? (Nomad, Location independent worker)

What is your Tribes favourite past experiences, that you enjoyed the most?

What excites you about being a part of the "Thrive Hive" Life?

Tell us a little about your experiences with living with others? (Call it Co living, community, etc)

What positive experience have you had whilst living with intention, with others?

Overall, how aligned do you feel for the "Thrive Hive" Life?

What would make your experience one of the best in your life?

How long would you like to stay with us, in your ideal situation?

What clarity would you require to step into a season with your Tribe? (We are open to any questions to allow us to align better with you).

If you were to join the Thrive Hive in this BETA phase, how do you see yourself being a part and contributing to the beginning phases of this beautiful experience of living?

We did it! Thank you for putting you heart into this. We look forward to speaking to you and your Tribe! We will be in touch as soon as appropriate. (Note:We will connect with you at least 90 days out from the season start date if accepted). Have a beautiful day/night wherever in the world you are.  (-: With Love - the Thrive Hive Tribe

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